Lords Of Mars Part 2

Well first of all I will start with some apologies. Family holidays, life and painting scenery for the club has meant I have had very little time for the mechanicum recently. However since my last post I have made progress, assembling the new Karacnos assault tank and playing my first game of 30K!

Moving on, I will talk briefly on the latest assault tank for Mechanicum forces, the Karacnos. Based on the Triaros chassis the Karacnos has great survivability, but trades in its troop carrying capability for an ordnance payload of nuclear warheads. As well as this it has 2 lightning blasters for any enemy infantry that gets too close. Just like its troop carrying cousin this is one of Forge Worlds new CAD designed kits and is an absolute dream to put together. It even has hinges for the two launchers so you can deploy your radiological warheads open or closed. While at the moment it is still another work in progress here is a picture of it in action on the tabletop, supported by a unit of Thallax.


So last month I managed to get my first game in against Aaron in our club 30K campaign. Aaron deployed custodies and the infamous Constantin Valdor on the tabletop against my mechanicum forces. Whilst I don’t have everything assembled in my list yet I managed to run with a mixed mechanicum force consisting of:-My Archmagos on abeyant with a unit of Myrmidon Secutors armed with Grav Guns. These guys were in a Triaros or as I have started to call it the “pimpmobile” They were supported by 2 units of thallax, a unit of vorax a Krios Venator for some anti tank punch the aforementioned Karacnos and a Thanatar siege automata.

The game itself ended as a hotly contested and well deserved draw. Early on I managed to take out Aarons Knight support with my Magos and Myrmidons putting out a hell of a lot of grav however, not long after that custodies started deep striking all over the table and cutting my forces to pieces.  I learned a whole load of lessons in that first battle, notably my army is incredibly tough. Its high toughness combined with decent saves let me weather a lot of shooting. It was in combat against the elite of the Emperors bodyguard that my guys were mainly cut down.  My anti vehicle shooting capability is very impressive, a Knight is no tall order but managed to take it out with ease. However the low AP of my weapons meant I was really struggling against infantry armour saves. This could be a real problem against more custodes and things such as terminators. I need to find a way to incorporate more AP2 into my army somewhere.

I’m really looking forward to going up against Non custodes. I have games against Chris and Ben next month who I believe are running marines and then mechanicum respectively. It will be nice to see how Ben uses his army as he has a lot of experience with Taghmata so I should hopefully learn a few tricks.

That’s all for now I will hopefully have another article soon with a lot more progress to show you. Once more blessings of the Omnissiah upon you, and I will leave you some photos of my last game. – Mal

Aaron the Mustachio’d Custodian Devil. Thanks for a great game!
My Archmagos holding on for dear life!
The Pimpmobile charging forwards with its nasty payload of Grav for the Knight

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So as we have mentioned on our Facebook page, and as decided by yourselves we will e putting up some blogs on the webpage. This will be my effort.

Starting this year I have made myself a bit of a resolution to get into 30k and have a fully painted up Army by the end of the year. Now as many of you know, Blood Angels are my main love, however Forgeworld have not got around to doing that much for them until next year. Painting just plain marines without special units wasn’t for me. I briefly toyed around with the Iron Warriors, but after having a good think I finally decided to go for Mechanicum.

I had taken advantage of going to my first Forge World Heresy weekend this year (which was amazing and would recommend you try and get tickets for) to buy myself a few starting units and a dirty great big gun in the form of an Ordinatus Sagittar (pic included of work in progress) I also purchased a Triaros armoured conveyor as I think the model is absolutely amazing and have really enjoyed painting it up. A big part of the hobby for me is to paint something you really enjoy more than worry about the rules or how it will fit in. I find that way you get more completed armies. As you can see I have gone with the traditional Mars colour scheme of deep red with brass and metal as my secondary colours. It is really coming along very nicely, but has to take a bit of a back burner due to having to get some quick construction work done to build up a bit of a starting force.

Mark Ashworth has put together a 30K campaign for the club which will be starting very soon. (Check out our facebook page for more details.) This means I have to get putting together and at least getting a basecoat on some models in time to join in. More on this as well as army selection in my next installment.  Take care for now everyone and may the Omnissiah bless you!         Mal.


Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls Review

Well the dust has settled, the flames have died down and the Emperor stands triumphant!


Last weekend, Mark, Hugh, Chris and Ben headed down to Warhammer World to take part in the very first Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls. If you didn’t know, the great thing about the events team at WHW is that no two events are ever the same, they always manage to come up with something new to challenge us and keep each event fresh. This event was no exception with each player receiving a special set of maelstrom cards just for Horus Heresy use! These cards were of identical quality of the standard cards you can buy from Games Workshop for 40k but were designed specifically for Heresy gaming. Over the weekend you would play 5 games for either the Emperor’s Loyalists or Horus’ Traitors at anything from 2000 to 3000pts using the Age of Darkness ruleset.


Mark took Solar Auxillia, Chris Iron Hands, Hugh Alpha Legion and Ben the Ordo Reductor with Chris being the sole Loyalist amongst team Red Steel. After our first games certain things became abundantly clear. Mark’s untested (but stupidly stunning) Solar were incredibly powerful, Ben had learnt how to kill Typhon Seige Tanks very quickly, Chris needed more beer and Hugh was going to face an uphill battle with his ‘I don’t need tanks’ policy!


The best thing about the event was the people, everyone was clearly there to just have fun and immerse themselves in the hobby. Games were competitive but entertaining and the painting standards were frankly rediculous! And that brings me on to the best army nominations. Both Mark and Ben were fortunate enough to be nominated for Best army and both agreed the eventual winner Dimi’s Ultramarines (see above) were both inspiring and jaw dropping. A bloody good bloke who deserved the awards he received. Mark and Ben didn’t leave empty handed though with Mark winning Engine of legend for his super Mar

Looking Back: Warmachine/Hordes Tournament

Worthy Gaming played host to a Warmachine/Hordes tournament in February 2013. This was the first exposure to the game in a competitive environment, and it proved to be a very steep learning curve!

The game isn’t played much these days, but we still do have members looking for games!

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