Red Steel Daemon 2015

This Saturday was our 2015 painting competition – the Steel Daemon!

Despite the terrible weather we had a decent turn out and the standards were high throughout. We also had a pleasant surprise with our friends Da Cella Boyz turning up and bringing their A-game to boot!

Entries were from multiple systems – Warhammer 40,000, Age Of Sigmar, Warmachine, Infinity and Guild Ball among others – which is always nice to see.

So here are some pictures of the entries and the winners.

We hope everyone had a good time – we’re already planning some things for next year’s competition!

Steel Daemon 2015 – Entrant’s Information

Once again our very own Alistair Armes will be running the Steel Daemon painting competition on December 5th. Here are the categories and some FAQs from him.


1. Single Miniature

This is for any single miniature from any company. Models must be on a base 40x40mm base or smaller (Round or Square) e.g.  Space Marines, Terminators, Tyranid Warriors, Ork Warboss, Fantasy lords, on foot or horses.

2. Squad/Unit/Regiment

This is for any squad/unit/regiment.  Must be legal within the standard organisation of the game it is from i.e. 3 Skaven Clan Rats do not count but 3 Mega Armoured Nobz would.  This also includes gangs or smaller armies such as Necromunda gangs, Infintity Battlegroups, Guildball Teams etc.

3. Large Monster

This is for large monsters on bases bigger than 40x40mm. Things like Giants, Dragons,  Daemon Princes, Hive Tyrants, Lords on monstrous creatures. Things like Mortis Engines, Plague Furnesses or Warshrines would go in this category.

4. Vehicle

This is for vehicles of all types. Tanks, Dreadnoughts, Titans, Wraithlords/kinghts, Battlesuits, Riptides, Battlewagons, Trukks, TAGs, Warjacks etc.


Can I use fancy display bases?

Go for the size supplied with the original kit other than that, it’s cool. If you want to use aftermarket resin bases or make a scenic display base to show of your figure go for it. If you want to put your Space Marine captain on a 40mm not 25mm base that ok ( I’ll just count it as a display base). Just don’t turn up with a grot on a Gorkanought base. If you’re unsure, please ask as pushing the rules too far may result in your being excluded.

What models can I enter?

Any from any company. If you fancy scratch building or heavily converting go right ahead.

What are you looking for in a model?

The best modelling and painting on a base that presents your miniature well.

Where do you stand on Regiments of Renown/Kill Teams?

These are an interesting problem when it comes to painting competitions. Due to their unique nature (outside the core games system) they often don’t fit within the standard categories. As such I will try to clarify how they will be entered into Steel Demon. Try to think of how the miniatures fit into the standard army:

  • A Killteam of just infantry will go into category 2
  • A Killteam with a transport would be split and the infantry will go into category 2 and the transport into category 4
  • Killteams of Tau Battlesuits/Imperial Guard Sentinels should go in category 4
  • Space Marines on bikes are category 2

Unfortunately, Regiments of Renown feature an odd mix of miniatures on different bases from various parts of the army book. It makes them doubly difficult to classify. As such they will not be allowed.


If you have any further questions, please ask.



The Armies of the Heresy!

As you may have read in our previous post, a few of our members headed off to the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls and Chris got snap happy with his Camera! He didn’t get pictures of every army but he did get a lot of them!

There was a huge variety of armies on show and the amount of love that went into each every army was awe inspiring. As you can see, there were some similar units from army to army but no two were the same.

So here we go with a gallery of some of the best looking (and expensive) armies you’ll likely see at a tournament! We’d love to be able to tell you who they all belong to but I’m afraid we didn’t learn everyone’s name (we were to busy drooling!)

Hope you enjoyed looking at them all!

Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls Review

Well the dust has settled, the flames have died and the Emperor stands triumphant over the traitors!

Last weekend was the first ever Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls event at Warhammer World and Red Steel members Mark, Hugh, Chris and Ben headed down with plans to either crush the upstart Horus or vanquish the false Emperor! The great thing about the events at WHW is that no two are the same. This inaugural event was for armies of 2000 to 3000pts with games being played at the players discretion (For example my first game was 3k, my next 3 were at 2k and the final was 2.5k – Ben). There would be 5 games over the Saturday and Sunday with the players divided into two teams; either the Emperor’s Loyalists or Horus’ Traitors. The games would all be maelstrom of war using a unique deck that was created specially for the event!


Chris was the sole loyalist from team Red Steel with his Iron Hands army. Whilst Mark’s Solar Auxilia, Hugh’s Alpha Legion and Ben’s Ordo Reductor fighting for the fallen son. After the first game we quickly became aware of a few important issues. Mark’s untested Solar were utter filth, Ben’s Mechanicum had figured how to destroy enemy Typhons very quickly, Chris needed more beer and Hugh’s Alphas were facing an uphill battle thanks to his ‘Who needs tanks?’ mentality. Despite this, they all had an amazing time and consider this one of the best events any have attended before.

Best Army

An important part of any WHW event is the highly coveted best army award (Ben has 2 the cheeky sod!). This event was no different with a staggering array of beautifully crafted armies battling it out. Both Mark and Ben were fortunate enough to be nominated but neither were disappointed nor surprised to be beaten by Dimi’s stunning Ultramarines (see above). However, they didn’t leave empty handed as Mark won Engine of Legend for his amazing Marauder and Ben picked up the Thanatar Beast of Legend award for his Thanatar!

image image image image image image


image image

Final thoughts

The best part about any event should be the people and this event was no exception. Everyone the boys met and played were absolutely awesome. Games were competitive and fun in equal measure and many new friends were made and wallets emptied in the Forgeworld shop. The next event was announced for January 16th and 17th and all of team Red Steel are planning to attend with a few extras thanks to this one. New armies are being planned and communities built. We can’t thank Nick and John of the Warhammer World events team enough and heartily recommend you all attend with us in January!

The only thing to share now is the final results (Ben was very proud to finish with 3 best game votes and 3rd overall!)