Starting out in the 31st Millemium ptII

I’m back

In the first part of this journey I looked at how to get the first few units onto the table, my centurion, veteran squads and rhino. In this part I’m going to go back before that to the first item I bought for 30k, the Betrayal of Calth boxed set.

In this box you get 30 MKIV marines with a huge array of extra goodies allowing you to build 3-6 squads of veteran marines, 2 command models, 5 terminators and a dreadnought. The latter 2 I will be introducing later on.

The box doesn’t contain any rules for the standard 30k game as it is a stand alone game on its own, which means you will need a copy of the 40k rulebook and the two age of darkness astates books to build a list, but there are usually people about too help you with this when you first get started like Ben.

Later on in this part my Emperors Children will face off in their first skirmish against Ben’s Custodian Guard.

The scent of fresh plastic
Within the Calth box are enough units to get me through my first skirmish. Most 30k games are played at around 3000 pts (pts values are in the 2 Astartes books), but to start with I will be using some of the Calth box with a few substitutions and modifications as I want to prove its possible to play 30k without having to pawn a kidney.

Although I have added legion specific pads and weapons to my units along with swapping the terminators for the equivalent unit in the sister Burning of Prospero box, it is possible to build most of my list for the same points as have listed below. My centurion is also swapped for one of the Forgeworld command kits, but again this was my personal choice following the narrative and scene I want to set for my army. The real big difference is the addition of the Spartan assault tank.

Like most players I tend to get star struck by the primarchs and superheavy tanks of the game.

Unlike 40k where a few big hitters can rule the table, in 30k Fulgrim here is nothing without the support of his legionaries at his back. Due to the way the force organisation chart work, even a unit as strong as he is can be overwhelmed and put to the sword (of bolter) by the massed ranks of the enemy.

In the box I get a good core to my army that allows me to then expand further added or changing out units as I go. Also this set does all that at around half the retail price of the individual units, leaving me more to invest into the units and parts to make my army stand out on the table at a later date.

So now I’ve explained what’s in the Calth box, I’ll move on the the 3 new units I’ll be bringing into the fight.

Legion Terminators

Some of the legion’s veterans are sent into battle in suits of tactical dreadnought armour more commonly know as terminator armour. This armour is designed to withstand the fiercest combat, such as boarding actions. Its design also means the bearer can carry some of the heaviest weapons available with ease and wield them as though they were pistols and daggers not cannons and heavy blades.

Terminator armour offers the wearer a great deal of protection, but it is not impenetrable and the wearer can succumb to enemy fire. If a space marine falls in battle and cannot return to the fight due to grevious injury, his great deeds may afford him the honour of becoming our next unit, the venerable and mighty dreadnought.

Contemptor dreadnought

The Contemptor Dreadnought is an early model of the Dreadnoughts seen in space marine chapters in the 41st millennium. Contained within their hulls are remnants or the legions mightiest heroes, saved from death to bring it to their foes. On the battle field they lead their brothers as icons of death ands destruction, wielding fearsome weapons such as assault cannons, power claws and multimeltas capable of decimating infantry and armour alike.

The final unit is one of Forgeworld’s big hitting units, the ferocious Spartan Assault Tank.

Spartan Assault Tank

The Spartan is the big brother of the Landraider, with a higher transport capacity and heavier armourment it is capable of delivering 25 power armoured or 12 terminator armoured marines into the breach, covering them as the disembark down the assault ramp.

It is also has the ability to increase its armour with ablative ceremite and flare shielding.

The Spartan is one of the heaviest tanks the Astartes can field before taking the super heavy vehicles that can challenge the superiority of the mighty titans of Mars.

The first skirmish
My Emperors children will be facing their first battle which will feature heavily in the next part, but first of we will look at what will feature in the 2 opposing armies.

Both armies will be around 1500pts and my army will feature units that can all be made (with a few weapon substitutes) from the Betrayal of Calth box and the addition of 3 rhinos

The Emperors Children

1. Centurion Delegatus
Artificer Armour
Refractor field
Charnal Sabre

1. Centurion Herald

2. Legion Veteran Squad (9 marines)
Heavy Flamer
Veteran Sgt in artificer armour carrying a pheonix spear
Rhino with auxiliary drive

3. Legion Veteran Squad (9 marines)
Heavy Flamer
Veteran Sgt in artificer armour carrying a pheonix spear
Rhino with auxiliary drive

4.Heavy support squad with heavy bolters

5. Legion Terminator Squad (5 terminators)
4 chain fists
Sgt with pheonix spear
Spartan assault tank

6. Contemptor dreadnought
Karies assault cannon and power fist


The Custodian Guard

The Custodian Guard are the elite guardians of the throne of terra and will only leave the Emperors side when the danger to their liege is upmost or if the mission is of the gravest importance.

1. Constantine Valdor

2. Sentinal Guard

3. Custodian Guard

4. Aquilus Dreadnought

5. Sagetarian Guard


Up next time will be a brief report of the battle itself.

Hope you enjoyed reading see you next time.