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So as we have mentioned on our Facebook page, and as decided by yourselves we will e putting up some blogs on the webpage. This will be my effort.

Starting this year I have made myself a bit of a resolution to get into 30k and have a fully painted up Army by the end of the year. Now as many of you know, Blood Angels are my main love, however Forgeworld have not got around to doing that much for them until next year. Painting just plain marines without special units wasn’t for me. I briefly toyed around with the Iron Warriors, but after having a good think I finally decided to go for Mechanicum.

I had taken advantage of going to my first Forge World Heresy weekend this year (which was amazing and would recommend you try and get tickets for) to buy myself a few starting units and a dirty great big gun in the form of an Ordinatus Sagittar (pic included of work in progress) I also purchased a Triaros armoured conveyor as I think the model is absolutely amazing and have really enjoyed painting it up. A big part of the hobby for me is to paint something you really enjoy more than worry about the rules or how it will fit in. I find that way you get more completed armies. As you can see I have gone with the traditional Mars colour scheme of deep red with brass and metal as my secondary colours. It is really coming along very nicely, but has to take a bit of a back burner due to having to get some quick construction work done to build up a bit of a starting force.

Mark Ashworth has put together a 30K campaign for the club which will be starting very soon. (Check out our facebook page for more details.) This means I have to get putting together and at least getting a basecoat on some models in time to join in. More on this as well as army selection in my next installment.  Take care for now everyone and may the Omnissiah bless you!         Mal.


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