Army Of The Month – Baz’s Blood Angels

Welcome to the first of our new features on the site – Army Of The Month. Each month we will showcase the army of one of our members, to show what we do and promote the club to the wider world.

If you’d like to get your army featured let us know!


This month, we have Baz and his Blood Angels. Baz hasn’t been with us for too long, only as long as we’ve been at Harlequin’s, but he embodies so much of what we love about the hobby. His enthusiasm for his army is infectious and he’s always a pleasure to play against. As far as his army goes, he’s got some current edition models mixed up with some retro flavour. His painting has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year as well, his army finished in a rich, vibrant red (aside from the Death Company!).

AOTM - Baz Blood Angels-1





Baz Robinson




Blood Angels


Warhammer 40,000

How long have you been playing?

24 years with a major Hiatus in the middle. Returned to the hobby about 2 years ago.

Do you play any other armies or systems?

In my youth I had a smattering of Orks, Ultramarines and Imperial guard, but no serious other army since I restarted playing. I played Necromunda when I was younger as well, and Man O War.

What other hobbies do you have?

Live Role-play, Tabletop Role-play, PC gaming, Nerd Herding (it’s like cat herding but basically involves organizing nerds which is probably harder than cat herding, it’s not so much an individual hobby but happens with most of my other ones!)

What is your favourite model in your army?

Astorath the Grim lovely model and really puts a lot of the other blood angels special character to shame at the moment

What has been the best moment while playing this army?

Actually beating Ben Greaves!

What are you future plans for this army?

I’d like to get some Sanguinary Guard as there the other impressive set piece unit for Blood angels. My very old Dante model has got a bit damaged so I’m working on a new Dante model, and I have an Honour Guard that I play to try out magnetizing so they can be swapped between jump packs and ground pounding.

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