Looking Back: Our First Day

On September 8th 2012, Worthy Gaming opened in Preston. Red Steel – as a club – formally started then. As an idea, the essence of what we became started a few months earlier. We were and still are a predominantly Warhammer 40,000  based club, and as such our founding came out of wanting somewhere more than our local Games Workshop store.

The story is repeated all over the country, and probably the world; veteran gamers who felt alienated by strict rules, limited gaming/painting space availability and the feeling of apathy from the company towards the people whose very patronage was responsible for their profits. This isn’t an anti-GW rant, I’m just setting the scene. We wanted our own place, and the news that a new wargaming shop was to open was a fantastic opportunity.

So, on that Saturday Worthy Gaming opened its doors to the public. A long hard day of painting, modelling and gaming was ahead of us. For a lot of us it was also our first exposure to new games such as Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity and Dark Age. In addition this, we had David from Hawk Wargames to run demos of his new game – Dropzone Commander. Also covering the opening was Joey Berry. Many games of DZC were played, alongside some Warhammer Fantasy and 40,000 on freshly pained tables.

The club also took on many new members that day. We had a dedicated place that was open late, and had the facilities that we wanted – we’d found our new home.

Or so we thought.

Looking Back is a series of articles showing highlights from our past. If you want to be part of our future, check out our About Us page.

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